Beach Operations includes beach maintenance and re-nourishment, construction and maintenance of regional beach accesses, neighborhood beach accesses, bay parks, municipal parking facilities, and the multi-use trail, as well as maintenance of U.S. Highway 331 Scenic Corridor, U.S. Highway 98 Scenic Corridor, County Route 30A Scenic Corridor, and the Scenic Gulf Drive Corridor.

  • Operates 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Maintains and cleans 60+ beach, lake and bay accesses. All regional beach access restrooms and pavilions are cleaned and restocked twice daily.

  • Maintains and services approximately 700 garbage collection stations located on the beach, at the regional/neighborhood beach accesses, and along the multi-use trail. All garbage collection stations are emptied daily.

  • Maintains and clears 26 miles of multi-use trail. The entire trail and adjacent right of way are cut, edged, and cleared of litter, sand, and debris weekly.

  • Maintains the U.S. Highway 331, U.S. Highway 98, County Route 30A and Scenic Gulf Drive corridors.

  • Coordinates and manages architects/engineers/consultants for capital improvement projects and beach re-nourishment projects.

Beach Code Compliance

Beach Code Compliance is now under the jurisdiction of the Walton County Code Compliance Department. For more information visit co.walton.fl.us/90/Code-Compliance.

46 Coastal Centre Blvd.
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Phone: (850) 622-0000

To report a beach code compliance violation, please complete the Beach Code Compliance Complaint Form.