Walton County Tourism staff love their work because…

“Our role at the tourism department is to manage visitation and promote Walton County as a world-class travel destination. Our efforts not only strengthen the local economy, but they directly help put our residents to work and help create a vibrant community.”
- Matt Algarin, Tourism Director 



WCT Governing and Advisory Boards

Tourist Development Council

The Tourist Development Council is an advisory council established by county ordinance that’s composed of nine members, who are appointed by a governing board. The council is tasked with reviewing expenditures of the TDT collected revenue, and making recommendations to the Walton County Board of County Commissioners regarding how these funds are used.

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee contributes expertise and feedback to marketing and communications strategies, ensuring that all efforts support the local tourism economy and strengthen the South Walton brand.

Destination Improvement Committee

The Destination Improvements Advisory Committee supports efforts and provides feedback for capital improvement projects, renovations, South Walton signage, and public parks and paths, ensuring that local beaches and beach-associated amenities meet a uniform, high-quality standard.

Branding & Assets

North of the Bay Branding

*Beyond the Beach promotes the communities above the Choctawhatchee Bay, namely Freeport, Paxton, and DeFuniak Springs. These welcoming communities balance historical charm, pastoral beauty, and vibrant culture, all within easy reach of the stunning local beaches.