For Gulf conditions and flag updates, text "SAFETY" to 31279.

*Entering the Gulf during double red flag conditions can result in a $500 fine and criminal charges.

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Violation of beach rules may result in fines or penalties per Walton County municipal code.

  • Leave No Trace. Overnight, unattended items will be removed.

  • Glass Containers, camping and charcoal grills are prohibited (Propane grills must be smaller than 225 sq. inches)

  • Vehicles, dogs and fires all require permits

  • Solicitation prohibited

  • Stay off dunes

  • Removal of vegetation, sand or Gulf water prohibited

  • Please allow a 15 ft setback from dunes and water’s edge for emergency vehicles

  • To prevent crowding, tents larger than 10'x10' are prohibited, and all tents are limited to the top 1/2 of open beach. 4-foot walkway between tents, except Grayton Beach.

  • No metal shovels allowed. Large holes create dangerous situations for beachgoers and marine life

  • Fill in holes dug in sand. Holes cannot be larger than 3 feet x 3 feet and no deeper than 2 feet. Holes cannot be left unattended.

  • No littering, nudity, or excessive noise

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Rip Current Information

How to Identify a Rip Current

  • Darker color surf, indicating deeper water

  • Murky brown water caused by sand stirred up on the bottom

  • Smaller unorganized waves, alongside more evenly breaking waves over a sand bar

  • Waves breaking further out to sea on both sides of the rip current

How to Help Someone Caught in a Rip Current

  • Notify a lifeguard

  • Have someone call 911, give accurate landmarks

  • Do not enter the water, you too will be caught in the current

  • Throw them a flotation device

  • Try not to lose sight of the victim

What To Do If You Are Caught in a Rip Current

  • Don’t panic or swim against the current

  • Relax, float with the current until it dissipates

  • Swim parallel to shore and back in

  • Of course, the best way to avoid a rip current is to know the surf conditions before entering the water!

  • Know the conditions and watch the flags!

Lifeguard Information

When possible, we encourage you to swim near a trained lifeguard. South Walton Fire District lifeguards are stationed at all Regional Beach Accesses March 1 - October 31 with limited roving coverage year-round. Regional Beach Accesses include Miramar Beach, Dune Allen, Fort Panic, Ed Walline, Gulfview Heights, Blue Mountain, Santa Clara and Inlet Beach. Find RBA locations and more information at

Beach Wheelchairs

The South Walton Fire District (SWFD) offers beach wheelchairs at the following beach accesses from 10 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. daily through the lifeguard season.

  • Miramar Beach Regional Beach Access (Pompano Joe's)

  • Ed Walline Regional Beach Access (Gulf Place)

  • Santa Clara Regional Beach Access (Seagrove)

  • Inlet Beach Regional Beach Access

Each chair must be operated by an on-duty lifeguard and a beach wheelchair waiver must be signed by the beach wheelchair patron or their caregiver. It is requested that the beach patron limit the usage of the beach wheelchair to the beach area in the immediate area of the public beach access. In order to facilitate the possible need for multiple patrons, it is recommended that the beach patron's personal chair be used once the patron has reached their beach location.

Drone Information

What are the rules you need to know before flying your drone in South Walton? From FAA rules, regulations and guidelines to ordinances specific to Walton County, you can find a round-up of pertinent drone regulations by clicking here.

Project Lifesaver

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office can provide assistance through Project Lifesaver which makes it possible to locate lost Alzheimer's patients. Parties considering the service should call (850) 478-7790.