Destination Improvements Committee

The Destination Improvements Advisory Committee will support efforts and provide feedback in the areas of capital improvement projects, Visitor Center renovation, South Walton signage, public parks and paths. The goal of the committee is to ensure that South Walton beaches and beach-associated amenities meet a uniform, high-quality standard. The committee will also provide input in selecting beach improvement projects.


South Walton Courthouse Annex Boardroom
31 Coastal Centre Blvd.,
Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

TIME: 1 p.m.
LIAISON: Brian Kellenberger Email


February 1
April 4
June 6
August 1
October 3
December 5


Robert Farmer
Courtney Malone
Leigh Moore
Sammy Sanchez
Phillip Sharpe
Tim Taylor
Lacie Wegner


Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee will provide expertise and feedback to assist marketing and communications strategies and implementation. The goal of the committee is to ensure that all efforts support the local tourism economy and strengthen Walton County Tourism, both the South Walton and North of the Choctawhatchee Bay brands.


South Walton Courthouse Annex Boardroom
31 Coastal Centre Blvd.
Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

TIME: 9 a.m.
LIAISON: Kelli Carter Email


January 3 (DeFuniak Springs)
March 6, 1 p.m. (Freeport)
May 1 
July 10
(DeFuniak Springs)
September 4,
1 p.m. (Freeport)
November 6


Tracy Louthain (Vice-Chair)
Stephanie McCracken
Brian Moffatt
Kevin Rosa (Chair)
Dan Tinghitella
Michael Whalen


TDC Advisory Committee Member's Code of Conduct

  1. Although a committee member may be drawn from a specific interest group, Committee members must represent the interests of the entire area of Walton County and tourism community as a whole.

  2. Committee Members shall not take any action that would undermine the actions of the TDC if such action has been approved by the TDC Committee and the Walton County BCC. Regardless of their personal viewpoint, committee members shall not speak against, or in any way undermine TDC solidarity once a vote has been made.

  3. Committee members are expected to attend all committee meetings and make every effort to attend the Annual Meeting.

  4. Committee members shall avoid, in fact and in perception, conflicts of interest and disclose to the committee staff liaison or the Tourism Director, in a timely manner, any possible conflicts.

  5. Committee members’ contributions to discussions and decision-making shall be positive and constructive.

  6. Committee members' interactions in meetings shall be courteous, respectful and free of animosity.

  7. Committee members shall be prepared for meetings, having read pre-circulated material in advance of the meeting.

  8. Committee members shall not attempt to exercise individual authority or undue influence over other Committee Members or staff.

  9. Committee members must notify the executive director or their staff liaison once they have filed their intent to run for any political office.

  10. Committee members shall conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner at all times, and shall be governed by Florida's Code of Ethics.

  11. At all times, members of the committees shall be current in the payment of any and all tourist development tax assessments (“bed taxes”). This requirement shall apply to members both individually, and to any entity of which the member is a part of or conducts business with.   

Noncompliance with any of the above provisions shall constitute grounds for removal from a committee.