The submission period for the 2024 Artist of the Year Award is now closed. Finalists will be invited to a panel interview. The winner will be announced at the WCT Annual Meeting in October.

The Artist of the Year Award is a community initiative highlighting local artists, spotlighting their work through diverse publicity channels and events throughout the year. Currently in its 22nd year, this accolade aims to honor a local artist of Walton County and whose unique artistic expression captures the essence of the region's creativity and beauty. The recipient will be granted $4,000 for creating a commissioned artwork to be showcased in Walton County.

Artwork submissions are evaluated based on criteria such as originality, authenticity, and overall appeal. Finalists will participate in in-person interviews where they will be required to present three examples of artwork during a panel discussion.

To learn more about the Artist of the Year program, download the informational flyer or contact Industry Relations Specialist Lisa Foster at (850) 333-2728 or