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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. – July 5, 2022 - The Walton County Tourism Department has named Dave Rauschkolb as the winner of its annual Van Ness Butler Jr. Hospitality Award.

This hospitality award was established in 2003 to recognize excellence in hospitality service, travel/tourism marketing, advertising, promotion, and contributions to the local community.

“To share that commonalty of passion and to join hands with the previous winners is a tremendous honor,” Rauschkolb says. “I couldn’t be more grateful to the community and excited to be one of those people that has helped to carry the torch and will continue to do so.”

Rauschkolb opened the famous Bud & Alley’s in 1986 with partner Scott Witcoski and it’s been a staple of the area ever since. From an early meeting with Seaside founder Robert Davis, Rauschkolb recalls being impressed with the planning and vision that was already in place and was excited for the opportunity to be a significant voice in the development of the new town. He has since gone on to establish the Taco Bar and the Pizza Bar & Trattoria as complements to the dining options at Bud & Alley’s. His most recent endeavor was the creation of Black Bear Bread Co. with partner Chef Phil McDonald in 2016 which now has 3 locations in Grand Boulevard, Grayton Beach, and Seaside.

“Making people happy across multiple generations has been the most fun,” Rauschkolb says. “Having people meet here, get engaged here, and then I organize their wedding, and then they come back every year. Seeing that is the most rewarding thing for me.”

For more information on Dave Rauschkolb visit: www.visitsouthwalton.com/community-programs/van-ness-butler-jr-award/dave-rauschkolb/

For more information about the Van Ness Butler Jr. Hospitality Award visit: www.visitsouthwalton.com/community-programs/van-ness-butler-jr-award/.

Photos available at: www.platform.crowdriff.com/m/s-5R4VRiW1SM315iyC